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Choosing the Right Sales Enablement Solution for Your Business

Posted by Kent Potts on Dec 29, 2014 10:06:43 AM

The State of Customer Engagement

Consider this. What if you were able to identify customer needs and use that knowledge to send the right message to the right person at the right time? You’d be happy as a clam in high tide with the stream of customers going through your sales cycle. But, keeping up with today’s customers is no small feat. They are more empowered than ever and are in control of their buying processes like never before.

This is why the state of Sales has changed; and gone are the days of the sales force shooting in the dark and delivering the same message to customers which are in different stages of the buying cycle. Shortened attention spans coupled with smarter buying habits means that customers are looking for nothing short of personalized, relevant communications. And Best-in-Class performers are delivering.

Top performers are keeping up with today’s customers because they know their preferences and behaviors. They also know how to be more relevant, and how to listen and respond effectively. This paper will look at the top ways Skura delivers success to sales reps and the elements of the SKURA SFX platform that achieves this success.

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A Key Component of a Viable Sales Enablement Platform: Executing an Effective Presentation

At best, when sales reps are on Sales Call, they work to reach customers directly, and they use data that has been accumulated from past Face-to-Face interactions to craft more refined messages. Getting connected with customers means keeping them engaged, and to be truly effective, sales reps need to provide personalized and targeted messages.

An effective presentation is comprised of the following elements:

It produces relevancy

Top performers understand their customers better than the competition. They know what’s required to create a successful Face-to-Face interaction. Relevancy comes from understanding where customers are in the buying cycle, and they use this knowledge to create an engaging Sales Call. Crafting a successful presentation means focusing on the message; and the more targeted the message the more relevant it becomes to the customer.

It’s more conversational             

The Face-to-Face interaction should be customer-centric – not based on messages that have been crafted to demonstrate how great a brand is. Best-in-Class performers are always working on engaging with customers on a one-to-one basis by focusing on their needs. They converse with customers in an organic and free-flowing manner, without the use of jargon that only alienates the customer. Listening to the needs of the customers means delivering a more personalized message, and that means engaging on a personal level.

It contributes to the development of a viable sales strategy

Creating a strategy means basing the Face-to-Face interaction on metrics. The sales process needs to provide a financial ROI and this is only achieved by having a sound sales strategy. From marketing campaigns, to Sales Call and the follow-up process, top performing marketing and sales execs are analyzing and benchmarking their performance in order to refine future Sales Calls so they become more targeted and personalized.

Below is a list of the top 4 reasons why people choose Skura.

  1. Content Management

SKURA SFX works as a repository of content where all sales assets are stored. All existing content is uploaded onto the platform from where it is syndicated to each sales rep. It essentially acts as a content hub - a place which controls all content distribution. As a result, sales reps gain access to the content from their tablet from anywhere at any time. Once a new version of a document rolls in, uploading it once ensures that all sales reps have the latest and most refined materials.

  1. Analytics

Data and analytics are key components of an effective marketing and sales strategy. Without the proper metrics to measure the effectiveness of campaigns, Sales Calls and the follow-up process, marketing and sales execs wouldn’t know which areas need improvement and which efforts they should emphasize more. With knowledge of key data metrics, sales reps become empowered when it comes to the customer relationship, and SKURA SFX makes this possible. In order to maximize sales performance and increase team effectiveness, companies should focus on KPIs to improve results.

  1. Multichannel engagement

A study by Accenture found that 70% of CMOs identified employing an effective multichannel marketing strategy as a top strategic priority. Multichannel engagement is important because customers are utilizing various media channels to get more information on products and brands. Sales reps have to be where the conversations take place, and engaging with customers on channels like Facebook and Twitter means being there when customers explore in order to make a buying decision.

  1. Closed Loop Marketing (CLM)

The process of gathering data on Sales Call, and reverting it back to the Marketing team is called, Closed Loop Marketing. Understanding customer tastes and preferences is a job made for both Sales and Marketing. Gaining insights into critical data and metrics works to boost sales results and enables marketers to develop targeted messages that produce world-class content. CLM is the process of connecting Marketing and Sales, and enabling collaboration to impact sales rep performance.

Why Sales Enablement?

World-class sales reps succeed because they are able to see customer needs, wants, the solutions they are looking for and the problems they face.  With a good understanding of what the customer wants, anything is possible. The first step in Sales is to understand the customer. The rest is all about delivering value. Skura enables sales reps to work with customers in an entirely different way. With the data and metrics that are gathered from the customer, sales reps become better equipped for the Face-to-Face interaction.

How successful are your sales reps? Would the right sales enablement solution enable them when it comes to customer engagement?

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