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Business 2 Community: #1 Trend of 2015 - Mobile Sales Enablement

Posted by Kent Potts on Feb 12, 2015 3:30:00 PM

The New Year has arrived and it’s time to round up the hottest trends in sales and marketing for 2015. This year, sales reps and marketers will gain the benefits of establishing deeper connections with customers through the following 4 trends:

  1. Mobile Sales Enablement is going to change the way organizations do business

Sales Call remains to be the most traditional way of engaging with customers; this is why Mobile Sales Enablement adoption is growing at a rapid rate. Purchases made by tablets rose 48% year over year in the second quarter to $8 billion, which is three times faster than purchases made at a desktop computer, according to Business Insider. 2015 will see this number continue to rise as sales reps realize that Mobile Sales Enablement provides the best way to present solutions to customers. To stay on top of this trend, sales execs will have to adopt tablets if they want to increase sales team performance.


  1. Social media will become increasingly important for customers

Customers are looking for more information, and social media is that avenue by which they can discover more about a specific product or brand. This is why it will continue to be important to focus on multi-channel marketing. Marketing execs and sales reps are going to continuously develop new content in order to target customers at each stage of their sales cycle – no matter the social media channel. 2015 will be the year marketers and sales reps will have to focus more on social media in an effort to target customers on a personal level.

  1. Data, metrics and closed-loop marketing will be a driving force for closing more business

This year, marketers will have to work smarter and use quality data to achieve this. The problem that many sales and marketing teams face is that they don’t have metrics on which to base future campaigns. This is why closed-loop marketing will be a big trend in 2015. With quality data and a continuous loop between Marketing and Sales, sales reps will be prepared on Sales Call and present only the most personalized and engaging content to customers.

  1. Sales reps will continue to engage with customers using content marketing

The sales rep is just as important to growing a business as the product or the brand itself. This is why sales execs will have to invest in their sales force like never before. The trend will be on training sales reps to build strong relationships with customers based on a deep understanding of customer needs. Creating real connections through effective engagement will be the key to success, and sales execs that invest in their sales reps will see great returns.

What are your goals for this year? How are you working on strengthening your sales force?


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