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Business 2 Community: How to Thrive with Sales Enablement Data

Posted by Tara Anderson on Feb 16, 2015 3:33:00 PM

We are all learning to cope with the new normal: a perpetual state of input overload. Most of us have a LinkedIn to check, a text message to send, directions to follow, a phone call to answer, an email to forward, an appointment to keep, and, yes, that’s right, someone special sitting across from us at the dinner table, and they would just love to look into our eyes for one moment!


In our personal lives, it is our job to decide what input to ignore, what input to hold onto for later, and what input to address immediately. If we place our inbox ahead of our dinner date, chances are, we’ll be hearing some direct feedback about that, and we’ll need to reassess our priorities and adjust immediately.

But, how often does the same information overload run wildly out of control in the workplace, unchecked and unnoticed? It’s the norm to find sales departments who are stuck on a never-ending merry-go-round of data collection and reporting.


Extensive data reports become a part of weekly, monthly or quarterly habits that require an enormous amount of time and attention. And, when it comes time to present, they end up in a pile with 75 other reports, and none of them are given due consideration. Often, nobody asks: Why are we collecting all of this data? How is it serving us?

If you’d like to see your data work for you, and not the other way around, complete the following steps using a sales enablement platform:

1.  Compile a list of every sales report that is assembled and exchanged more than once per year.

2. Define the purpose of each listed report (i.e., Why did we compile this?). Then, determine what reports gave rise to a valuable response or visible change.

3. Eliminate the reports that don’t incite change. Using a sales enablement platform, pare your data input down to a bare bones list of facts and figures that help your company to evolve. Sales teams that thrive with their data collection focus on gathering fewer statistics, and monitoring them more closely.

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