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Skura Corp. eBook: Sales and Marketing Alignmnent- 6 Best Practices

Posted by Danny Zecevic on Mar 2, 2016 3:00:00 PM

Skura Corp. has released the third volume of a “Sales Enablement Success” series. Chapter 3: How to Achieve Sales and Marketing Alignment consolidates best practices for eliminating silos and closing the marketing loop.

Oakville, Ont. – The Skura Corporation, a sales & marketing digital content management solution provider, has just released the third volume of their “Sales Enablement Success” series aimed at CH3-withSpine.jpgmarketers, sales reps, and C-suite executives. Chapter 3 explains the need for alignment while providing tactics for breaking down sales and marketing silos.

Depending on the industry, only 12-20% of sales and marketing teams have strong alignment and collaboration for content creation. This traditional one-way flow of creation results in content that is self-serving, without depth or segmented targeting, overhyped, blatantly selling, and highly technical with no value added.

Chapter 3 provides a framework for aligning sales and marketing teams in order to help mitigate the challenge of “random acts of content development” common among vendor content marketers.  

The “Sales Enablement Success” series compiles hundreds of outside sources and incorporates the collective knowledge and opinion surrounding digital content marketing, sales enablement, multi-channel engagement, and data-analytics.

If you would like free access to this comprehensive eBook and would like to learn more about the future of adaptive trust-based sales, click the link below to download.

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