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Skura Corp. eBook Provides 2 New Tactical Directions for Sales Training and Learning

Posted by Skura Marketing on Dec 18, 2015 10:02:18 AM

Skura Corp. has released the second volume of a “Sales Enablement Success” series. Chapter 2: The New Approach to Sales Training provides new strategies that enhance sales rep motivation through predictive insight.

Oakville, Ont. – The Skura Corporation, a sales & marketing digital content management solution provider, has just released the second volume of their “Sales Enablement Success” series aimed at marketers, sales reps, and C-suite executives. Chapter 2 highlights the gap that exists between traditional sales training models and looks at what sales reps desire from their day-to-day learning protocol. 

Not unlike the challenges seen with content marketing, sales training materials are often descriptive and self-serving, rather than persuasive and customer-centric. Though video training has decreased costs while increasing onboarding consistency, it has failed to mitigate the challenges influencing the sales process in 2015.

Chapter 2 explains why the customer is your new biggest competitor and offers strategic direction for sales training/learning that address contemporary challenges by maximizing motivation through proven tactics and persuasion science.

The “Sales Enablement Success” series compiles hundreds of outside sources and incorporates the collective knowledge and opinion surrounding digital content marketing, sales enablement, multi-channel engagement, and data-analytics.

If you would like free access to this comprehensive eBook and would like to learn more about the future of adaptive trust-based sales, click the link below to download.
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