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Skura provides a Free 30-Day Trial of their Sales Enablement Platform

Posted by Skura Marketing on Oct 30, 2014 11:58:37 AM

TORONTO, October 30, 2014 - SKURA, a leading sales enablement provider specializing in Adaptive Sales Enablement announces a free 30-day trial offer for the latest version of SKURA. 

SKURA will be available at no charge in an effort to help companies evaluate how the technology can create value for their marketing and sales executives. SKURA provides sales reps with the ability to engage with customers across all channels and devices from a single platform.

Kent Potts, EVP of Marketing at SKURA, comments: “Our data shows that we are significantly decreasing digital content production costs by as much as 46%, and at the same time dramatically increasing sales rep productivity through the use of our platform”. By offering a free 30-day trial, we will help sales driven companies learn and explore how their businesses can benefit from the use of the SKURA Adaptive Sales Enablement platform.”

The Sales Enablement solution will be available as a free, 30-day trial version starting October 30, 2014. With an array of functional enhancements, the focus will be on the Life Sciences, Finance & Insurance and Manufacturing industries and will enable sales reps from these markets find new ways to sell, interact and connect with customers.

sales enablement 30 day free trial


SKURA is empowering the next generation of sales reps. The SKURA platform is the first to offer adaptive sales enablement, providing unprecedented visibility and insight throughout the entire sales process.  SKURA enables sales and marketing executives to engage with customers across all channels and devices –from a single platform – providing accountability and measurement across the entire sales cycle.  The SKURA platform offers next-generation predictive analytics, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time, increasing sales and customer success. For more information, visit:


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