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Skura SFX™ Sales Enablement Platform will Support the 12.9-inch iPad Pro at Release

Posted by Danny Zecevic on Sep 17, 2015 12:12:26 PM

Skura’s future proof SFX™ sales enablement platform is set to support the iPad Pro upon November release with no additional downloads or software updates necessary. 

Oakville, Ont. – The Skura Corporation, a mobile-first, sales enablement solution provider, is confirming that the future-proof SFX™ platform will support Apple’s iPad Pro from day 1 of the November 2015 release date. The Pro’s 12.9-inch form factor will enhance the effectiveness of rich multi-media sales tools, and offline access to content is further complimented by the Pro’s 10-hour battery life.

Sales Reps across every industry are utilizing digital content based sales presentations in an effort to enhance sales calls and add delight a buyer’s decision journey. Skura recognizes that 75% of companies utilize tablet technology to support sales, and the future-proof engineering of the SFX platform is not only guaranteed to operate on the iPad Pro, it takes full advantage of the new A9X 64-bit chipset for up to 90% faster graphics rendering than comparable portable PCs.  

Current SFX users can expect the same tactile experience as that found on Android, Windows, and older Apple devices including PCs. Skura expects the new form factor and beautiful 5.6 million pixel display to add intrigue and allure to an already enhanced mobile sales call experience.


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Skura is empowering the next generation of sales reps. The Skura SFX™ platform is the first to offer adaptive sales enablement, providing unprecedented visibility and insight throughout the entire sales process.  Skura SFX enables sales and marketing executives to engage with customers across all channels and devices – from a single platform – providing accountability and measurement across the entire sales cycle.  The Skura SFX platform offers next-generation predictive analytics, ensuring the right message reaches the right person at the right time, increasing sales and customer success. For more information, visit:

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