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Beyond Customer Feedback: How to Know What Your Customers Really Want (and Give it to Them!)

Posted by Kent Potts on Apr 17, 2014 5:30:00 PM

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The following is a guest contributed post from Loren Padelford, Skura‘s Executive Vice President of Sales.

Today, the B2B buying process begins when prospects access a company’s website, mobile app, blog, whitepaper, or attends a hosted webinar. Technology adoption among consumers has picked up pace and because of this, marketers have had to adjust their lead generation and engagement tactics to target the buyer earlier on in the sales process.

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Beyond Customer Feedback: The Keys to Knowing What Your Customer Really Wants

Posted by Kent Potts on Apr 16, 2014 5:50:00 PM



Today’s enterprise sales and marketing teams face some very unique challenges. The advancement of technology, the expectation of marketing materials to be readily available online and the expanding social ecosystem that provides insight and clues into prospective customers make the role of these departments more multi-faceted than ever before. The importance of cohesion amongst these teams cannot and should not be underestimated when developing lead generation strategies and there are a few key steps your company must take to truly know — and appropriately respond to — the customers’ needs. 

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Skura Upgrades Sales Enablement Platform For Greater Visibility

Posted by Kent Potts on Apr 14, 2014 4:56:00 PM

Sales enablement provider Skura Corp. enhanced its Skura SFX technology platform to provide greater levels of insight, visibility and auditability throughout the entire sales process.

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